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Reservoir Tips

Reservoirs must be properly maintained to ensure the best possible water quality. Treatment of reservoirs may harm fish, and care should be taken.

These procedures are based on our experience with reservoirs since 1968 and are our recommendations. They should be used as a guide only. Please remember to take all necessary precautions when using chemicals.


Dugout aeration will tend to […]

We Are Almost 70% Water!

We are made up of so much water, it should really make us think about the water that we consume.

85% of gray matter in the brain is water
83% of blood is water
Even bone is 22% water.
Total water in an average adult – 37 Liters
Sound is conducted through the middle ear by water
Water serves as a cushion for the brain and […]

Reverse Osmosis Maintenance

Normal maintenance of a reverse osmosis system includes regular replacement of prefilter and post filter. Your system should also be sanitized periodically. The reverse osmosis membrane or module is the heart of the system and also has a limited lifetime – usually 3 or more years. Maintenance procedures are in your manual or on our website www.holmeswater.com.

If your system is […]

Bottleless water coolers for Business!

The working world is fast paced. However, certain parts of a business may be slowing it down. Deliveries, for instance, are an annoyance. Professionals have to drop what they’re doing to survey the goods, check the invoice and make sure the supplies get put in the right locations. What if one major delivery could be eliminated for good, without removing […]

Clean Your Water Cooler

If you have a water cooler, it is important to clean it regularly. How often it should be done varies with recommendations from yearly, to every 6 months to Health Canada’ recommendation of every time you change the bottle. Health Canada Bottled Water Page.
How do you clean your cooler? These are the steps that we use:

1)     Unplug cord and allow the […]

Just Look at the Top Benefits of Drinking Water!

Ah – A great glass of drinking water!

Drinking plenty of water each day prevents dehydration, cleans out the body and promotes healing processes. A steady diet of 8 glasses of water a day (ideally, half your body weight in ounces of water), when it’s pure and free of contaminants, will:

Improve your energy
Remove toxins and waste products from your body
Allow for […]

What is Reverse Osmosis

How can you turn Sea Water into Drinking Water?
What is the most practical way to demineralize water?
What is one of the best Multi-Barrier water treatment systems for your home drinking water?
How can you turn tap water into bottled water quality?
Reverse Osmosis
So – What is Reverse Osmosis?
If you have come across one of the various technical explanations available (Here’s a pretty […]