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Is Hard Water Making You Ill?

We’ve always considered hard water to be an aesthetic concern. You know: hard to clean bathtub ring and film on shower tiles, dry itchy skin after bathing, dramatically higher cleaning costs, increased heating and maintenance costs due to scale build up.

But now, evidence is making us reconsider what that scale can actually do. Legionnaires Disease is far more common that we […]

What is Water Hardness

We hear a lot about water hardness, but what is it, where does it come from and what does it do?

Chemically, water hardness is made up mostly by Calcium and Magnesium. 

Water is called the universal solvent, dissolving some of almost anything it comes in contact with. And when it comes in contact with limestone or similar rock formations, it dissolves these hardness […]

Water Treatment for Dummies

The Water Quality Association just published and ebook – Water Treatment for Dummies. It provides great information for the everyone.

Here’s from the Introduction

Water, water everywhere. But is it good and safe to
drink or use? How can you tell if the water in
your home is healthy for you, your family, and for that
prized front-loading washing machine? What can you do
if your […]

Should You Drink Soft Water?

One of the most common questions that we hear about water softeners is whether we should drink the water. It’s a great question and one of the first things that I wanted to know when we started.

A water softeners purpose is to remove the hardness minerals from water. Hardness minerals cause:

Bathtub ring and film on shower tiles
Excess soap usage in […]

The High Cost of Hard Water

Do you realize how much hard water costs you?

We’ve been installing water softeners for 44 years, but today many people consider them a luxury. So we’ve put together some facts for you.

A recent article by Money Talks News lists these effects of Hard Water:

Calcium rings or deposits in tubs, sinks, or dishwashers
Spots on dishes or shower doors
Reduced foaming and cleaning abilities of soaps […]

A Green Switch

There is a switch going on. A GREEN switch. The switch from bottled water to reusable water containers has been seen across the country, in businesses, homes, waiting rooms, people are seeing the value in drinking from the tap of a filtered water system.


Even Nestlé, the world’s biggest food company, is seeing shrinking water sales as more people are switching to the tap, […]

Water Softener Checklist

If you are considering a water softener – and believe us you should be – take the time to look over this list. We have included things that we think are important to at least consider. There is some room at the bottom to add your own.


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Other #1

Other #2

Appropriate size. To determine required capacity for your family, multiply: hardness in […]

Salt Problems in Your Water Softener

One of the most common problems with a water softener is the salt. Your water softener needs the right amount of salt to recharge and give you continuous soft water. If you think you are having a problem with your water softener – check the salt.


Breaking a Salt Bridge

Sometimes a hard crust or salt “bridge” forms in the brine tank.  […]