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The working world is fast paced. However, certain parts of a business may be slowing it down. Deliveries, for instance, are an annoyance. Professionals have to drop what they’re doing to survey the goods, check the invoice and make sure the supplies get put in the right locations. What if one major delivery could be eliminated for good, without removing the supply from inventory? With Holmes Ecowater Bottleless Water Coolers, you can eliminate water jug deliveries, freeing up space and saving time during the day.

Stop Using Bottled water - Go Bottleless

Stop Using Bottled water – Go Bottleless

We offer a wide array of water coolers that do not require water jug refills to operate. These state-of-the-art water dispensers tap directly into a building’s water supply, filter out contaminants and tastes and regulate water temperature. Businesses that forgo the traditional water coolers for more convenient options are able to focus their attention on other, more important tasks.

With a bottleless water dispenser, people get to enjoy an endless water supply that tastes great. The no-hassle system assists businesses in freeing up office space, too. There is no need to store large water jugs in the workplace. Instead, the water coolers purify drinking water 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to help make sure people get the best-tasting water whenever they’re thirsty.  It’s endless fresh water.

We also help you become more eco-friendly. The top-of-the-line water dispensers use less plastic, so businesses have minimal recycling to handle on their end, which also reduces their carbon footprint. When it comes to creating a more spacious and hassle-free office environment, Holmes Ecowater water coolers are a must-have in the workplace.