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lady-with-glass Water – Why Drink It?

Your body is approximately 66% water. Natural elimination and digestions means a loss of 8 to 10 cups daily. Although you may not feel thirsty, it’s in your best interest to hydrate your body through the day. A healthy intake of water each day assists in the proper functioning of your inner organs. An abundance of fresh water also benefits the body’s largest organ – the skin – keeping it smooth and supple. Try 8 glasses a day.

water glass H2O Info

  • Water is a vital aspect of digestion and metabolism
  • Toxins and impurities are flushed by water.
  • Disease fighting cells are transported through the bloodstream via water.
  • Water in its pure form, replenishes natural fluids depleted by caffeine and alcohol.
  • Water plays an important role in the body’s cooling system.
  • Water is calorie free and helps suppress the appetite while dieting.
globe Local Service means Satisfaction

We have excelled for the past 40+ years by having our local water consultants confirm that each product is chosen correctly depending on the application, installed and started up correctly by factory trained technicians, and well supported over many the years of the product’s life. We hear stories every day from satisfied customers who have used the same unit for many years.

We strongly recommend that you discuss your needs with a trained water consultant. If you are not within our trading area, we would encourage you to contact your local dealer for assistance. To find your local dealer, simply go to Eco Water home page.

reverse-osmosis Drinking WaterReverse Osmosis

Ecowater Reverse Osmosis systems provide bottled-quality water at the tap. Our featured unit offers:

  • Easy maintenance with sanitary filter changes ensures the highest quality of water with reduced opportunity for contamination.
  • Automatic shut-off to conserve water.
  • Telephone reminders for filter changes.
  • Optional quality monitoring including Hydrolink remote.

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  Bottleless Water Coolers

High quality drinking water just like the best bottled water but:

  • No bottles to handle, store, or worry about
  • No bottle deposits
  • Constantly full – no running out

For a money saving green alternative to bottled water, Click Here.

Chemical Treatment

Chemical feeders are used to inject a broad range of water treatment products. These include chlorine, hydrogen peroxide, coagulants, and polyphosphates. We offer several brands, with the most common being Stenner. These pumps use peristaltic action for pumping and as a result are self-priming. Maintenance is a simple as replacing the tube. We also offer dual-head pumps for feeding 2 different chemicals, and various controls.


Distillers are the most well known method of purifying water. They may be manual, where you pour water into the unit and then start the cycle, or automatic units that turn themselves on when needed. Remote pumps are also available to allow connection to a faucet. Various sizes of output and storage tanks are available.

baby-water Filtration

Ecowater filters are available with Activated Carbon for taste, odor, chlorine and organic removal, or Multi-Media for sediment removal. The filters come in 10” and 12” diameters for various flow rates and feature electronic controls with full 1” porting for higher flow rates with lower pressure loss.

Ecowater Iron filters use air – either drawn into the system with a venturi, or injected by an air pump. This allows higher flow rates and does not require the use of hazardous chemicals for recharge.

Water Softeners

Ecowater offers a broad range of sizes and models to suit every application. Almost all use proportional brining and up-flow regeneration for maximum efficiencies. Our featured softener is the Refiner. Again available in different sizes it offers the following unique features and benefits.

  • Patented Electronic Demand Module records water usage patterns and predicts regeneration needs.
  • Stratified Resin bed with carbon for chlorine removal has a lifetime warranty.
  • Remote Monitor tells you the status of your water conditioner anywhere in the house and lets you know when to add salt.
  • EASE program allows your unit to be diagnosed over the phone lines by our computer.
  • Maximum efficiency with minimal salt and water consumption.

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Water Softener Checklist

zero-foot-print Regardless of your water problem, our consultants can design a system that we guarantee will solve your problem.For more detailed information on Ecowater products, click here.

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