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Reverse Osmosis

So – What is Reverse Osmosis?


If you have come across one of the various technical explanations available (Here’s a pretty good one) , most people find the explanations too scientific and frankly don’t read them.

Ecowater Reverse Osmosis System

I’d like to simplify what a reverse osmosis system (I’m going to shorten it to  RO for the rest of this article) does, and while it may not be 100% technically accurate, I’m hoping it will give you a clearer idea. 

When it comes to home systems, the RO unit will be part of a complete water treatment system.

The first stage is prefiltration that will remove dirt, particles, sediment etc. that is 15 times finer than a human hair. Prefiltration also removes chlorine and some organic substances. As well as improving your water, this helps to protect the RO membrane.

The next step is the RO membrane. It separates the water into 2 streams – good high quality drinking water in 1 stream and everything else in the other. This waste water is directed down the drain (or back into your plumbing system if you have a zero waste option). The good water is stored in a holding tank.

Before the water reaches the tap, it passes through a polishing filter. Then to your glass – great tasting, high quality drinking water.

Our Water is “GREEN”

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