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Softened Water Benefits Study

Some of us – yes me included – like to see technical scientific proof that things work the way that companies tell us they do.

If you are one of us, Water Quality Research Foundation recently published the results of some studies they performed.

The published study is here.

Here’s some highlights:

Energy Savings:

None of the gas or electric water heaters made […]

Energy Efficiency, Carbon Taxes and Water Conservation – Canadian Water Quality Association

As policy moves towards doing a better job of encouraging higher efficiency for both water and energy use, the policy makers will find methods for credit industry of leading the charge.
CWQA’s position on it:
CWQA believes that water treatment in many cases are an essential part of the building’s water systems. The cost to treat water municipally to the highest levels, […]

New Air Purification

You trust us for the water you drink – How about the air you breathe?
Allergies in our family seemed to be getting worse and drugs are not always the best answer. We have a cat and wondered if that might be part of the problem. We became increasingly concerned about our indoor air quality, so we began our research.

EPA lists indoor […]

Reservoir Tips

Reservoirs must be properly maintained to ensure the best possible water quality. Treatment of reservoirs may harm fish, and care should be taken.

These procedures are based on our experience with reservoirs since 1968 and are our recommendations. They should be used as a guide only. Please remember to take all necessary precautions when using chemicals.


Dugout aeration will tend to […]

A Green Switch

There is a switch going on. A GREEN switch. The switch from bottled water to reusable water containers has been seen across the country, in businesses, homes, waiting rooms, people are seeing the value in drinking from the tap of a filtered water system.


Even Nestlé, the world’s biggest food company, is seeing shrinking water sales as more people are switching to the tap, […]