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New Air Purification

You trust us for the water you drink – How about the air you breathe?
Allergies in our family seemed to be getting worse and drugs are not always the best answer. We have a cat and wondered if that might be part of the problem. We became increasingly concerned about our indoor air quality, so we began our research.

EPA lists indoor […]

We Are Almost 70% Water!

We are made up of so much water, it should really make us think about the water that we consume.

85% of gray matter in the brain is water
83% of blood is water
Even bone is 22% water.
Total water in an average adult – 37 Liters
Sound is conducted through the middle ear by water
Water serves as a cushion for the brain and […]

Just Look at the Top Benefits of Drinking Water!

Ah – A great glass of drinking water!

Drinking plenty of water each day prevents dehydration, cleans out the body and promotes healing processes. A steady diet of 8 glasses of water a day (ideally, half your body weight in ounces of water), when it’s pure and free of contaminants, will:

Improve your energy
Remove toxins and waste products from your body
Allow for […]

Is Hard Water Making You Ill?

We’ve always considered hard water to be an aesthetic concern. You know: hard to clean bathtub ring and film on shower tiles, dry itchy skin after bathing, dramatically higher cleaning costs, increased heating and maintenance costs due to scale build up.

But now, evidence is making us reconsider what that scale can actually do. Legionnaires Disease is far more common that we […]

Should You Drink Soft Water?

One of the most common questions that we hear about water softeners is whether we should drink the water. It’s a great question and one of the first things that I wanted to know when we started.

A water softeners purpose is to remove the hardness minerals from water. Hardness minerals cause:

Bathtub ring and film on shower tiles
Excess soap usage in […]