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We Make Your Home’s Water – Better!

A lot of people do not really know what we do – friends, customers, suppliers . . . A lot of people have heard of us, know our name and know some of what we do but I want to take this opportunity to answer the question. Over 50 years ago, Andy Holmes saw a need for water treatment and became a Culligan dealer. Through his and other dealer marketing efforts, “Hey Culligan Man!” became one of the best recognized corporate slogan – but it still doesn’t say what he did. 
In 2001, after searching for better equipment, we became an Ecowater dealer. We developed our slogan “At Holmes Ecowater, we make your home’s water – better!”  It does a better job of telling what we  do, but many didn’t know what it really meant.
Contact with us is the best way to find out what we really do.
  • Rural homeowners that had untreated well water that caused staining or smelled bad found out that we fix well water
  • Or if they had dugout water that was contaminated or dirty found out that we fix surface water
  • Or if they had bad tasting water found out that we made their water taste better
  • People in the city that got tired of bathtub ring, scummy showers, dingy clothes, dry itchy skin found out that we made their water feel better
  • People that were spending too much on soaps and detergents, clothes and linens weren’t lasting as long as they should, paying too much to heat their water found out that we made their water save money
  • Those living in the city that didn’t like the taste of chlorine found out that we made their water taste better 
  • Families that became concerned about chemicals or other contaminants in their drinking water found out that we made their water safer
  • And for many years, when people wanted to just get great water from a water cooler found out that we made great water for them to take home.
  • When businesses saw spots on dishes, high cleaning expenses, scaling plumbing or production problems, they found out we make their water a valuable business partner.
  • When people visited places like Vancouver and noticed how much better water could be, they found out that we can bring that vacation water to their homes
  • When people worried about greenhouse gases, carbon footprint, and the environment, they found that Our products are Zero FootprintCertified, We recycle our cartridges and our systems reduce your impact on the environment.
  • When concerns came up about chemicals in the plastics, energy consumption making and transporting bottled water, We discontinued bottled water and offer bottleless water coolers.
When you see all of this and consider that we work on commercial and industrial water as well as residential, you can see that our slogan doesn’t tell you all that we do, but until we can find the perfect one – remember:
At Holmes Ecowater, We Make Your Home’s Water – Better!