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As important as household water is to our lives, it is just as easily overlooked. We take access to clean, clear, and drinkable water for granted every day. Only when our water is less than perfect do we consider the need for water filters and water softeners. Lethbridge homeowners and building managers can increase the purity of their drinking water with state-of-the-art purification and softening products from Holmes Ecowater.

For 50 years, we have sold and serviced commercial and residential products to improve the quality of our clients’ water, and therefore the quality of their day-to-day lives. As a 3rd generation family-owned company, we understand the realities of our local water systems and we know what Lethbridge homeowners need. With state of the art products like the WiFi controlled Hydrolink system, we can help modernize your softeners and filters.

At Holmes Ecowater, We Make Your Home’s Water Better
We take great pride in supplying Lethbridge’s water softeners, water purification systems, drinking water filters, bottleless water coolers, and water treatment for private water supplies and commercial water systems. Whether you want to rent or own, we offer a full line of water treatment products available for direct purchase and financing in order to make every glass of water taste a little bit better. Holmes Ecowater also provides repairs and servicing for all brands and types of water products, so you will never be left out to dry. Take the plunge and learn a little more about the products we have to offer.

Water Softeners
“Hard water” means that your household water contains enough calcium, magnesium, and even iron to become a problem. When not blocking up your pipes, hard water can actually prevent the efficacy of soap and detergent, making it harder to clean and rinse clothes, dishes, and even yourself. A water softener is a device with a series of filters, briners, and ionizers to help remove these particles, allowing your pure water do what it does best.

Water Filtration Systems
Although treated long before running out of your tap, municipal water can still contain a number of contaminants. Water filtration systems throughout the house or building provide the extra step of protection needed to provide the healthiest water possible. Based on your needs, a filtration system can removed additional unpleasant tastes, odors, and sediment. Keep harmful organic material and elements like chlorine out of your drinking water!

Reverse Osmosis Systems
Reverse osmosis is a water filtration process achieved by pushing water through a semipermeable membrane to remove potentially harmful impurities. This process removes dissolved inorganic solids like salts from your drinking water. Remove elements, chemicals, and foreign particles like fluoride, lead, chlorine & chlormamine, pesticides, detergents, nitrates, sulfates, and more.

Bottleless Watercoolers
In order to drink a healthy amount of purified water there are two options: several bottles of water a day or access to a single source like a bottleless watercooler. Enjoy a constant supply of reverse osmosis filtered water without the need for an ever growing amount of plastic water bottles. Fill up your re-useable container at your leisure and enjoy pure water free of unwanted particles. Temperature choices and coffee options are available in all of our units.

At Holmes Ecowater, We Make Your Home’s Water Better!

For 10 years running Holmes Ecowater has been awarded the top volume dealer for home and commercial Ecowater systems in Lethbridge. As a member of the Canadian Water Quality Association, we will only ever present CWQA certified products to our customers. Contact us today for all the answers and information from our certified water specialists.