About Holmes EcoWater

At Holmes EcoWater, family is a proud tradition. I’m Ken Holmes, together with my wife, Judy Holmes, are the second generation to run it – but the team treats every customer as if they were part of the family too. That superior customer service, plus a dedicated commitment to the community, is what sets Holmes EcoWater apart.

Holmes EcoWater got its start in 1968, when dad, Andy purchased a Culligan franchise. I started working for Dad in my teens, but decided to pursue my electrician training. Once I was married and had started a family, I returned to work with Dad. I started back on a full-time basis in 1980 and in 1990, the business transitioned from father to son. We have run the business for nearly 30 years, and all three of our daughters have worked within the company. One of our sons-in-law, Ted Doucette, has settled into a career with the business and a second has started – laying the foundation for the family business to move into third-generation ownership.

Andrew Hengeveld, the husband to our daughter Jennifer, is excited about the prospect of eventually taking over the family business. “We really wanted to get involved,” says Hengeveld. “Andy owned it for 25 years, now Ken has had it for just as long. If I take it for 25 years and one of our three kids takes over, we could push it to 100 years of ownership. We’re excited and we’re very close with Ken and Judy so it was a natural fit.” I am thrilled about what Hengeveld’s customer service, sales, and management background will bring to our valued customers. He will fit right in with the Holmes EcoWater staff, who are as dedicated to customer care as if they were also part of the family.

In addition to outstanding customer service, Holmes EcoWater offers top-quality water treatment and improvement services for residential, agricultural and commercial use. In 2001, we proudly became an EcoWater dealer. Working under the motto, “Holmes EcoWater, We Make Your Home’s Water Better,” the business offers a full range of household water improvement options.

Water softeners offer improvements such as no bathtub ring or film on shower tiles, no scale build-up in pipes or water heaters and shower heads that won’t clog. Investing in a water softener is also a money saver because clothing and linens last longer and less shampoo, conditioner, laundry soap and fabric softener is required. You can expect a savings of $40-60 per month for those that have a water softener.

Holmes EcoWater also offers water filtration systems that achieve the quality of bottled water without the bottles. Bottleless water coolers are available for both home and commercial use.

Holmes EcoWater can also help on the agricultural front – offering water treatment systems that can eliminate iron, bacteria, taste, odour and colour.

Specialized products such as water softeners for car washes or commercial dishwashers or purification systems for factory use are also available.

Giving back to the community was a priority for Andy and is a tradition carried on by Ken. Andy was one of the founders of Ag Expo and a founding member of the Canadian Water Quality Association. I am a certified water specialist, past-president of the CWQA, currently the president of the EcoWater Dealers Association, and have served on the Culligan Dealer Advisory Council and Ecowater Dealer Advisory Panel. Holmes EcoWater also sponsors everything from charity fundraisers to youth sports teams in the community. Looking towards the future, Andrew says he sees such partnerships continuing.

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