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Start the New School Year Off Right!

With the new school year starting, many parents are packing their kids’ lunches with Sugary Juice Boxes, Sodas. All of which are costly and a poor substitute for what they really need.

Drinking more water is a smart and healthy decision! But, you still have a lot of choices when it comes to what kind of water you drink. Bottled? Distilled? […]

Reasons to Switch to a Bottleless Water Cooler Dispenser

Maybe the water cooler with the replacement tanks works well enough for your business. Maybe filling your fridge with expensive cases of water bottles suits you fine. But no matter what kind of business you operate, improving your bottom line is probably always appealing. Installing a bottleless water cooler dispenser costs money up front — potentially a little more than […]

Fridge Filter Or Reverse Osmosis System?

Fridge Filter Or Reverse Osmosis System?

In most parts of Canada, getting fresh drinking water in your home is a convenience we all can enjoy. However, the quality of tap water coming directly from the faucet may not meet your expectations. Maybe you don’t like the taste, or perhaps you’re concerned about potential contaminants.

Many people have made the smart choice to […]

Softened Water Benefits Study

Some of us – yes me included – like to see technical scientific proof that things work the way that companies tell us they do.

If you are one of us, Water Quality Research Foundation recently published the results of some studies they performed.

The published study is here.

Here’s some highlights:

Energy Savings:

None of the gas or electric water heaters made […]

Energy Efficiency, Carbon Taxes and Water Conservation – Canadian Water Quality Association

As policy moves towards doing a better job of encouraging higher efficiency for both water and energy use, the policy makers will find methods for credit industry of leading the charge.
CWQA’s position on it:
CWQA believes that water treatment in many cases are an essential part of the building’s water systems. The cost to treat water municipally to the highest levels, […]

Strike Out ALS

This season, we teamed up with the Lethbridge Bulls to “Strike Out ALS”. Partnering with KCL Cattle and Rogers Sugar to make a donation for every time that the Lethbridge Bulls struck out an opposing player. The Grand total donated was $3,292.

Proud to help do our part!


Our 7 year old Grandson, Asher Hengeveld got to throw out the first pitch. He […]

Who Loves a Water Softener?

No One!

As much as those of us that sell them would like to believe no one loves their water softener. And if we think about it, we don’t love ours either.

We love the water that a softener gives you!

What do we love about a water softener? How many do you know?

No bathtub ring or film on shower tiles
Less […]

Canada 55+ Games 2016

The Canada 55+ Games are held every 2 years. Competitors qualify at Provincial Championships the previous year. Summer and Winter events are combined

The Games were held this year in Brampton, Ontario from August 16 – 19. Over 1,700 competitors ranging in age from 55 to 97, from 9 provinces and 2 territories participated in competition and social activities. Team Alberta consisted […]

New Air Purification

You trust us for the water you drink – How about the air you breathe?
Allergies in our family seemed to be getting worse and drugs are not always the best answer. We have a cat and wondered if that might be part of the problem. We became increasingly concerned about our indoor air quality, so we began our research.

EPA lists indoor […]