No One!
As much as those of us that sell them would like to believe no one loves their water softener. And if we think about it, we don’t love ours either.
We love the water that a softener gives you!
What do we love about a water softener? How many do you know?
  1. No bathtub ring or film on shower tiles
  2. Less spotting on chrome fixtures
  3. Toilets stay cleaner
  4. Plumbing fixtures last longer
  5. No scale build-up in pipes or water heaters.
  6. Up to 29% less energy to heat water
  7. Use 1/3 of laundry detergent and dishwasher detergent
  8. Use less fabric softener
  9. Clothes come cleaner
  10. Whites don’t turn gray
  11. Linens last up to 25% longer
  12. Reduced spots on dishes
  13. Use milder soaps
  14. Use less shampoo and creme rinse
  15. Use less skin lotions
  16. No more dry, itchy skin after bathing
  17. Save $20 – $40 per month
  18. 8 – 10 hours less house work per month
  19. Keep shower heads from clogging
  20. Helps make hair shiny
  21. Eliminate rust stains
  22. Eliminate dishwasher rinse additives.
  23. Go Green –
    1. eliminate using harsh, potentially toxic chemicals
    2. Reduce pollutants re-entering our waterways
    3. Reduce energy consumption
    4. Extend appliance life-cycle
    5. zerofootprint Certificate of Compliance
What’s your favourite?