Throughout our 50 years plus in the water business, we’ve fielded all sorts of questions from people that are interested in softening their water. We wanted to set the record straight and try to answer some of the most common questions. So here we go.

Myth #1:
I don’t want a Water Softener because it will make my water taste salty.

It’s easy to understand why people feel this way. If I’m adding softener salt to my softener I might assume that my water will taste like salt. Water softeners use an ion exchange process to remove chemicals that cause hard water. The process involves replacing hard minerals with sodium ions. It’s the sodium that gets added to your water not salt. Sodium is tasteless. Any concerns about drinking sodium are addressed by our drinking systems

Myth # 2:
Soft Water will purify my water.

Water softeners are great at softening your water, unfortunately, they don’t remove many unwanted contaminants that can affect your health. But don’t worry, that’s where Reverse Osmosis can solve that problem. We’re able to install a Reverse Osmosis System giving you clean pure water for drinking as well as a Water Softener giving you soft water throughout your entire house. It’s a great combination for any household!

Myth #3:
Soft Water makes my skin feel “Slimy”

Some people notice a different feeling on their skin when they first shower in soft water. It feels slick and some might even say slimy…
This isn’t a film being left behind on your skin and it isn’t soap that doesn’t wash way either. Actually, it’s the opposite. Hard water DOES leave soap scum on your skin. What your noticing after showering in hard water is not a sign you’re squeaky clean, but instead, you’re covered in sticky soap residue. The slickness you’re feeling showering in soft water is actually your body’s natural oils. It’s how being clean is supposed to feel. What would you rather have sticky soap scum skin or silky smooth skin?

Myth #4:
Water Softeners cost too much money!

Having a water softener can help you save money in multiple ways:

  • Extends lifespan and efficiency of all of your appliances and equipment that use water like laundry machines, water heaters, dishwashers, bathroom/kitchen fixtures, coffee machines and much much more.
  • Increased savings on monthly energy costs
  • Use 50-75% less household cleaning chemicals with soft water
  • Use half the amount of soaps and shampoo products
  • No need to use costly moisturizers and skin creams
  • Ecowater Softeners are the most efficient softeners, using the least amount of Salt and Water in the industry
  • Actually, having soft water will save you money

We hope we were able to debunk some of the myths you may have had on owning a Water Softener. If you have any questions or concerns please contact us today at (587) 813-0494 we will happily help you out!