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How Much Salt Should My Softener Be Using?

If you live in Southern Alberta and are being supplied by a city water plant, your well aware of how hard our water is. Currently in Southern Alberta our water is a whopping 15 grains hard. If your wondering what that means, any water that is over 10 grains of hardness is considered to be EXTREMELY HARD.The average family of 4 home in Southern Alberta should be using 4 to 6 bags of salt a year, that’s it! If you find yourself buying softener salt on a monthly or even semi monthly basis you need to give us a call and we can help you out  

Is this Costing you money?

Older modeled softeners are usually set up on recharging every 3 days. Even if you don’t need it to. Creating high water bills and softener salt bills

How this will Save you Money!

It will only recharge when you need softwater, saving you money on your water bill and salt bill.