Some of us – yes me included – like to see technical scientific proof that things work the way that companies tell us they do.

If you are one of us, Water Quality Research Foundation recently published the results of some studies they performed.

Here’s some highlights:

Energy Savings:

  • None of the gas or electric water heaters made it through the entire test period due to scaling on the outlets – All of the ones operating on soft water did.
  • Soft water compared to 15 grains, Instantaneous Water Heaters life cycle cost savings 31%, Normal Gas Heaters 10%
  • Low Flow shower-heads and faucets clog prematurely on hard water


  • 50% detergent in cold water outperformed full detergent in hot water for stain removal


  • Detergent savings up to 70%
  • Hardness reduction was up to 12 times more effective at soil removal than increased detergent
  • Hardness reduction was 6 times more effective at reducing spotting and twice as effective at reducing filming.